Orlando Campus Student Services

The Orlando Campus provides a number of services that are designed to enhance the learning environment for students and provide opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Writing Center

The Writing Center exists to serve the students at the Orlando Campus by offering a variety of free writing services and resources. Specifically, the Writing Center provides a safe venue where students can receive an honest appraisal of their writing ability, along with specific feedback, suggestions, and tools to help them improve their writing, analytical, and critical thinking skills. Students can schedule an appointment by registering at the official Writing Center website.

The Orlando Campus has numerous resources to the students to help them learn and grow.

Services Provided at the Orlando Writing Center:

  • One-on-one coaching
  • Grammar, punctuation and syntax
  • Topic selection and thesis development
  • Pre-writing, writing, proofreading and revisions
  • Paper organization
  • Writing style
  • APA formatting
  • Library research
  • Citing references

Visit the official Writing Center website

Career Resources

The Orlando Campus provides a variety of career resources and tools designed to help students improve their career options and clarify their career goals. Our services include: resume reviews, mock interviews and an online job board.

Resume Reviews

Have your resume reviewed and critiqued an Orlando staff member before sending it to potential employers. We will help you with the format and wording of your resume.

Mock Interviews

Prepare for your initial interview by practicing how to answer tough questions that you may encounter.


Our staff will help you navigate online job opportunities at Handshake website and show you how to post your resume online for potential employers to view.

PBA Orlando Campus Library


The Orlando Campus provides a variety of books and resources to assist students with their research. In addition to on-site resources, students are also able to request and receive books from the Warren Library, PBA's main library located on the West Palm Beach campus. 

Computer Labs and Wireless Access

The Orlando Campus is equipped with two computer labs that are available for students to use daily. These labs are outfitted with high-speed computers and laser printers. Students are able to conduct research, write research papers, watch videos, access eCollege and check their MyPBA account and PBA email. In addition to the computer labs, students who have laptops and tablets can access PBA Orlando’s wireless network throughout the campus.

Student Study/Meeting Rooms

The Orlando Campus contains a variety of rooms that can be used for individual or group study. In addition, there are various informal study areas throughout the campus that provide students with a place to study and prepare for class.