Bachelor of Science, Organizational Leadership

student-counselor meeting to discuss organizational management degree program

The Palm Beach Atlantic University organizational leadership degree program helps you do more, preparing you with the skills needed to move your team, department or company forward.

PBA offers guidance that focuses on biblical, historical, theoretical and practical studies. Combined with our thriving community connections, we help you develop skills to reach your potential.

Our program delivers specific benefits such as:

  • An emphasis on the hands-on application of knowledge in daily business, which will equip you with a competitive edge in today’s employment environment
  • Providing you with 121 credit hours that consist of 45 hours of general education, 44 hours of organizational leadership major and 32 hours of electives, transfer credits or Professional Education Credits. – Click here to learn about your classes.
  • Small classes comprised of 15 – 20 fellow adult students
  • The convenience of learning at any of our campuses, plus the option to take courses online if you choose
  • This program is specially designed for students who want to complete a bachelor’s degree that will apply to a variety of work settings
  • Accelerated courses are offered weeknight evenings at PBA’s West Palm Beach and Orlando campuses in eight-week terms
  • Two entry points: fall (August) and spring (January) with application deadlines of August 1 and December 1. 

There's even more!

PBA'S Christian-based classes emphasize values and ethics in the workplace and in life. Gain the personal growth, knowledge and skills to:

  • Lead and foster change as you manage people and processes
  • Communicate effectively and make solid decisions
  • Manage and resolve conflict
  • Understand the value of a multicultural organization and create a collaborative environment for more effective teams
  • Maximize your leadership potential and increase your communication effectiveness with this valuable bachelor’s degree.
  • Develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to enable you to be more successful in workplace, family, community and multicultural environments

Closer to a degree than you think?

You might be closer to completing your organizational leadership degree than you might think once transfer and Professional Education Credits are applied. Your admission counselor can guide you through this process.

Up to 42 credits of upper-level coursework completed at other regionally accredited colleges will be considered to apply to this degree (transfer). 

Professional Educational Credit for your prior formal training and professional work experience will be considered to apply to this degree.

Don't forget to ask your advisor about a one-time $1,000 scholarship offered to new, full-time (12 credit hours) students in the Organizational Leadership program who are taking all of their classes online.

[NOTE: This program also is offered completely online for learners in Florida and selected states]

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When do I take classes?

Complete coursework when it is convenient for you. 

How long are my classes?

You will attend classes during two 8 week terms.

Can I complete my entire bachelor's degree online?

You can earn your entire bachelor's degree 100% online.

How many credits do I need to complete my degree?

You must complete 45 credits of general education courses, 44 credits of major courses, and 32 credits of elective courses or Professional Education Credits.

View the course catalog on PBA's overall website

When can I enroll?

You can enroll in August, January, and May.



Time to Complete Degree

The following chart indicates the amount of time and course work you will need to earn your bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership:


 Minimum Time

Moderate Time

Maximum Time


Entering with AA

Attending year round

Two courses/week

All Electives covered through
transfer + PEC

1 year 4 months
(4 semesters)


Entering with AA

Attending year round

Two courses/week

4 Elective courses covered through
transfer + PEC credit

1 year 8 months
(5 semesters)


Entering with -0- credits

Attending year round

Two courses/week

No Electives covered through

2 years 10 months
(8.5 semesters)