Nursing Coordinator - Undergraduate Programs/PRN

TYPE:   Full-time, Non-exempt
LOCATION: West Palm Beach Campus

SUMMARY: Responsible for routine communication with nursing program applicants and ensuring a smooth transition from Admissions into undergraduate nursing programs' Pre-Nursing (PRN) status. Serve as Academic Advisor to pre-nursing students, as well as advising faculty advisors on details of university policies, and serves ex officio on the Admissions, Progression, Retention & Graduation committee (APRG). Maintain and disseminate semester schedules, records of school enrollment, events, and student achievements.


  • Ability to organize data and track detailed information.
  • Strong analytical, verbal, and written communicate skills.
  • Solid computer skills are preferred, including Excel spreadsheet and Access database skills.
  • Proven ability to communicate with a wide array of individuals including prospective students and their families, current students, other PBA staff, faculty, and external partners associated with the university.

EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: Bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year institution of higher education is required. A degree from a health-related or educational field is preferred. 1+ years of experience in a detail-oriented, administrative setting is required. 1+ years of experience in higher education administration/student development is preferred. Experience in academic advising, career counseling, high school teaching or similar is preferred.