Organizational Management: Concentrations, Specializations, Minors

Concentration Options

A concentration is a 16-hour special focus of courses beyond your major. The concentration of Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior are added to your major and are listed on your official transcript.

Concentration in Human Resource Management

A concentration in Human Resource Management provides the courses which will interest those students who intend to pursue career opportunities in Human Resource Management. This profession involves working with Employee Labor Laws; Organizational Training and Development; Staffing and Recruiting; Compensation and Benefits; Coaching; Career Counseling; Consulting and multiple positions dealing with organizational management.

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Concentration in Organizational Behavior

The concentration in Organizational Behavior is for students whose careers will involve organizational change; human resource development; industrial psychology; organizational development and performance management. It focuses on the underlying influencers and motivators of individual, group, and organizational behavior. The student will need to select four electives from the courses offered in this category.

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In addition to your major in Organizational Management, you can also minor in the following: