The Cuban Moment Has Come


Stephen MansfieldThere is a truth that dictators and tyrants do not seem to know, or care to remember. It is that there is a God-given purpose for the peoples of the earth, for every tribe and tongue and nation.

God’s purposes for all lands “continue through all generations,” and often await the divinely ordained time and leadership to see those purposes begin to be fulfilled. Wise, godly leadership understands this.

Winston Churchill did, and so called the British people to their destined best during World War II. He was a man who felt as though he was “walking with destiny.” He knew, then, what it meant to sound the trumpet—he said it was the “lion’s roar”—to awaken and summon his already called people. And victory came.

As it will in Cuba. The current moment in that nation is surely the product of destiny pushing itself to the surface. The Cuban people sense that they are made for more than what they have known. They are done, then, and not just with communism but with secular dreams of power that have raped their land and stolen the destined song from their souls.

To a land whose name means “abundant,” the Spanish came. They brought slavery and domination that snuffed the inner fire from the Cuban people. Then came a war in 1898 that drove Spain from Cuba and gave it independence in 1902. Yet leaders arose who did not honor the destiny of the land, who could not hear the song. There were dictators, then, who made way for corruption and syndicates that prostituted the land and the people for more than half a century.

Finally, seeking to overthrow it all, came communism. It promised liberation but ground lives under the angry boot of the Marxist lie. So it has been for generations. For more than sixty years, the song has been silenced. The beauty and the color and the poetry and the wisdom that is Cuba has been treated as a threat and driven underground.

There is now a rhythm that the Cuban people feel throbbing within them and echoing throughout their land. This rhythm was best described in a song from millennia ago: “The Lord foils the plans of the nations; he thwarts the purposes of the peoples. But the plans of the Lord stand firm forever, the purpose of his heart through all generations.” (Psalm 33:10-11)

This explains it. This is why the people rise up. It is why pastors are being arrested in mid-prayer and hymns are being sung by the crowds in the streets and mothers with babes in arms are crying out, “We have had enough! God help us.”

The time for Cuba has come. The heartbeat of God is still being heard all these generations later. Cuba was not made for the wickedness of men and their haughty dreams of power. She was made that the people might live and thrive and take hold of their God and see their nation fulfill all it was made to be. She was made to be free and abundant and to launch generations of the strong and the noble and the righteous.

Now we must work to prepare a leadership that hears the song of the land, that understands the divine purposes, and that has Churchill-like wisdom to summon the people to their best.

The destined moment for Cuba has come. Let us play our role well.

Stephen Mansfield is a New York Times bestselling author and popular speaker who serves as Fellow in Public Leadership at Palm Beach Atlantic University.