Experts Guide

The Palm Beach Atlantic University (PBA) Expert Guide is a tool to help local and national journalists create more compelling stories by identifying and connecting with University faculty members. In addition, the guide helps churches and program chairs of civic and educational organizations to find interesting and informed speakers.

When using this guide, please keep in mind that faculty are on campus according to an academic calendar; you’re not likely to find them during Christmas or spring breaks, for example (check the university calendar for additional information). In addition, students and classes are uppermost in the minds of faculty members, and they may not be immediately available.

To arrange an interview with one of the experts and for general information about PBA, please feel free to contact me directly:

Sarah Peters
Multimedia Writer-Editor
Phone: (561) 803-2056

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Digital graphic arts/design – David Pounds, Tim Eichner

Stained glass – David Pounds

Studio art – Heather Couch

American Politics

Politics – James Todd

Church and state – Roger Chapman

Constitution – James Todd

First Amendment – Israel Balderas

Freedom and economics – Linda Raeder

Limited government – Linda Raeder

Political news coverage - Israel Balderas

Political parties – James Todd

Presidency – James Todd

Supreme Court – James Todd


Cancer molecular biology - Chris Hickey

Genetics – Kris Dougherty

Science and religion – Tom Chesnes

Business & Finance

Accounting – Greg Tindall

Bankruptcy  Scott Pearson

Business ethics – Velma Lee

Business markets - Scott Pearson

Consumer finance - Barbara VanderWerf

Corporate social responsibility – Velma Lee

E-commerce – Lawrence Burgee

Economics – Cora Barnhart, Scott Pearson

Federal Reserve  Scott Pearson

Finance – Greg Tindall

Financial ethics – Scott Pearson, Greg Tindall

Franchising – John Hayes

Income taxes – Claire Nash, Mike Tillett

Management – Lane Cohee, Velma Lee

Marketing – Lawrence Burgee 

Organizational development – Lane Cohee

Personal finances - Scott Pearson

Project management – Lane Cohee

Social media marketing – Lawrence Burgee

Succession planning – Lane Cohee

Stock market/Wall Street – Geoff Jervis, Scott Pearson

Church Life & Ministry

Apologetics – Paul Copan

Apostle Paul – Bernie Cueto, Vic Copan, Justin Hardin, Randy Richards

Biblical studies – Bernie Cueto, Paul Copan, Vic Copan, Justin Hardin, Nathan Lane, Kathy Maxwell, Nathan Maxwell, Eric Lowdermilk, Brittany Melton, Randy Richards

Biblical storytelling – Kathy Maxwell, Eric Lowdermilk

Evangelism – Paul Copan, Randy Richards

Interfaith dialogues – Gary Poe

Islam – Paul Copan

Jesus – Justin Hardin, Randy Richards

Latin American religion/Latinx /Hispanic religion – Ryan Gladwin 

Ministry – Jonathan Grenz, Randy Richards, Terriel Byrd, Vic Copan, Bernie Cueto

Missions – Kyle Faircloth, Ryan GladwinRandy Richards

New Testament – Vic Copan, Bernie Cueto, Justin Hardin, Kathy Maxwell, Randy Richards

Old Testament – Nathan Lane, Nathan Maxwell, Brittany Melton

Pentecostalism / Charismatic movements – Ryan Gladwin

Psalms – Nathan Lane, Nathan Maxwell

Preaching – Bernie Cueto, Terriel Byrd

Race and religion – Terriel Byrd

Religion and culture – Randy Richards

Religion and social justice – Ryan Gladwin

Scripture interpretation – Nathan Lane, Randy Richards

Spiritual growth – Vic Copan

Theology - Josh Malone

Women in ministry – Kathy Maxwell, Brittany Melton

Youth ministry – Jonathan Grenz

Communication & Media

Agricultural public relations – Wes Jamison

Communication – Tom St. Antoine, Stephanie Bennett

Corporate communication – Wes Jamison

Film criticism and history – Duane Meeks

Interpersonal communication – Stephanie Bennett

Media technology – Danilda Martinez, Duane Meeks, Don Piper

Political communication – Wes Jamison

Public relations – Wes Jamison

Public speaking – Israel Balderas, Joseph Sowers

Rhetoric and public address – Tom St. Antoine

Social media – Stephanie Bennett

Sports broadcasting – Don Piper

Television media – Israel Balderas

Counseling & Families

Addiction and recovery – Phil Henry

Adoption and foster issues – Nathan Lane

Disabilities – Donald McCulloch

Marriage and families – Donald McCulloch

Pornography addiction – Donald McCulloch

Psychology – Donald McCulloch

Trauma counseling – Katie Maslowe


Ballet – Eileen Hebron

Modern – Jin Hanley


Children’s literature – Tim Ladd

Elementary science – Chelly Templeton

Education – Chelly Templeton

Educational assessment – Tim Ladd

Exercise science – Denise Breitkreuz, Matthew Mitchell

Faith integration – Marcia Bedasse

Social studies – Tim Ladd


Estuaries – Tom Chesnes

Everglades – Tom Chesnes

Fisheries management – Tom Chesnes

Galapagos Islands – Tom Chesnes

Harmful algal blooms – Tina Batoh

Invasive species/Burmese python – Tom Chesnes

Oceans – Erosion: Angela Witmer, Water quality/Pollution: Linda Sedlacek

Seagrass – Tom Chesnes

Sargassum seaweed – Angela Witmer

Sustainability – Tom Chesnes, Angela Witmer

Wetlands – Tom Chesnes


Craig Hanson, Paul Copan


Faith, film and culture – Thomas Parham

Film production – Antonio Zarro

Redemptive storytelling – Antonio Zarro

Screenwriting – Thomas ParhamAntonio Zarro

Star Trek Thomas Parham

Superheroes – Thomas Parham


Acute emergency care nursing – Vanessa Duncan

Behavioral neuroscience: Learning and memory – Edwin Santini

Blinding eye diseases – Suzanne Cardona

Cancer fatigue – Stephen Sylvester

Cancer treatments - Chris Hickey

Cardiovascular pharmacotherapy – Yasmin Grace, Jay Jackson

Community nursing – Kathy McKinnon, Bri Andrassy

Community pharmacy – Erin Dorval

Critical care and health system pharmacy – Erenie Guirguis

Drug delivery systems – Amos Abioye, Adwoa Nornoo

Endocrinology pharmacotherapy – Amy Henneman

End-of-life/palliative care – Phyllis King

Gastrointestinal pharmacotherapy – Yasmin Grace

Genetics – Kris Dougherty, Jay Jackson

Hematology/Oncology – Chris Elder

HIV/Infectious diseases – Jennifer Kuretski

Infectious diseases (pharmacy) – Elias Chahine

Immunization/Vaccines – Elias Chahine, Erin Dorval

Global healthcare/International medical missions – Dana Strachan, Nakisha Kinlaw, Bri Andrassy

Inpatient pharmacy – Erenie Guirguis

Maternal-child care – Jane Wilson

Natural medicines – Dana Strachan

Nursing entrepreneurship – Patrick Heyman

Nursing leadership – Lynn Erickson

Oncology nursing – Vanessa Duncan

Nursing simulation – Christine Conti, Sandra Ojurongbe

Pediatric nursing – Kristen Gagne

Pharmaceutical compounding – Adwoa Nornoo

Pharmacist, ambulatory care services – Amy Henneman

Pharmacy patient care and counseling – Jay Jackson

Pharmacy practice, international pharmacy practice – Amos Abioye

Pharmacology/Asthma & COPD – Harm Maarsingh

Prescription assistance – Amy Henneman

Prescription drug abuse – Erin Dorval

Psychiatric nursing – Adolescent: Bri Andrassy, Cross-cultural and adult: Sandra Ojurongbe

Public health - Yolanda Hardy

Rheumatoid arthritis – Dana Strachan

Therapeutic principles of self-care – Yasmin Grace, Erin Dorval


African American religious history – Terriel Byrd

Civil rights movement – Terriel Byrd

Civil War: antebellum South, the war, Reconstruction – Wes Borucki

Church history – Gary Poe

Cold War – Roger Chapman

Colonial America – Wes Borucki

French and British history – Elizabeth Stice

History of modern terrorism – Roger Chapman

Martin Luther King, Jr. – Terriel Byrd

Presidential history – Wes Borucki

Public history – Museums, monuments, oral history: Roger Chapman, Elizabeth Stice

World War I – Elizabeth Stice


French – Craig Hanson, Mirela Garren


Biblical leadership – Sam Voorhies

Gender and leadership – Audy Johnston

Leadership – Craig Domeck, Jim Laub

Healthy organizational culture – Craig Domeck

Strategic planning – Craig Domeck, Art Johnson


Children’s – Carl Miller

Comparative – Carl Miller

C.S. Lewis – Samuel Joeckel

Dr. Seuss – Carl Miller

Early American – Jenifer Elmore

Florida – Susan Jones

Jane Austen – Susan Jones

Medieval British – Susan Jones

Renaissance – Susan Jones

Shakespeare – Susan Jones


Arranging – Roget Pontbriand

Composition – Roget Pontbriand, Tim Thompson

Commercial – Roget Pontbriand, Tim Thompson

History – Michael O’Connor

Jazz – Roget Pontbriand

New media/intermedia – Tim Thompson

Pedagogy – Tim Thompson

Piano – Joseph Kingma

Popular – Roget Pontbriand

Preparatory Department – Patrick Clifford

Technology – Tim Thompson

Theory – Tim Thompson

Voice – Mark Aliapoulios


Africa – Robert Lloyd

Democratization – Robert Lloyd

France – Craig Hanson

Global development – Craig Hanson

International relations – Robert Lloyd

Latin America – Francisco Plaza

Middle East – Robert Lloyd

Radical movements – Roger Chapman

Russia – Roger Chapman

South Asia – Robert Lloyd

Terrorism – Robert Lloyd


David Horkott

Craig Hanson


Performance – Allen McCoy, Kyle Schnack

Stage combat – Allen McCoy

Technical theatre – Dana White

Theatre education – Allen McCoy