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If you're looking for a graduate school experience that goes beyond classroom learning - one that will actually prepare you for the life you want to live - Palm Beach Atlantic University is for you.

Complete bachelor, master degrees in five years

Our 3+2 option makes it possible 


 At PBA, you can streamline your education, earning a B.A. and an M. Div. in as little as five years. That’s just one year more than a traditional bachelor program. In other words, undergraduate students majoring in biblical and/or ministerial studies can enter the M. Div. early, accelerating their education.

Our 72-hour program presupposes undergraduate studies in Bible and/or ministry. You will not repeat any classes you took at the undergraduate level. PBA’s M. Div. will have no Old Testament or New Testament survey courses; no basic church history or theology. M. Div. students begin immediately with upper-level, truly graduate courses.

The M. Div. at PBA integrates academic study with real-life, hands-on ministry throughout the program. Students apply what they learn in classes by serving in local Christian communities under the mentorship of an experienced minister. Make the most of your time: prepare yourself at PBA by studying -- and doing -- ministry.

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