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If you're looking for a graduate school experience that goes beyond classroom learning - one that will actually prepare you for the life you want to live - Palm Beach Atlantic University is for you.

M.S. in Leadership


Scott Brown explains why he chose PBA Orlando to pursue his Master of Leadership degree, and discusses his experience in the program.


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You have what it takes to be an even more effective leader. You’re motivated, too, to earn a master’s degree in leadership that is centered not just on theory, but also on the professional practice of leadership. That’s what you’ll receive at Palm Beach Atlantic University, Florida’s top Christian college

Your Program 

PBA understands you have a full life already. That’s why we’ve created an accelerated program, one in which you can earn your degree in as little as 20 months. We offer flexible class schedules, including evening classes from 6 to 10 p.m. You may attend one night per week for eight weeks. For your convenience, classes are offered at our main campus in West Palm Beach, Wellington campus, and Orlando campus.


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New students are admitted to the program for the fall and spring semesters. You’ll go through your program with a cohort, a consistent group of students who, like you, bring their distinctive life experiences to the classroom. 

Your Experience

With a master’s degree in leadership from PBA, you’ll gain the knowledge, understanding and practical skills you’ll need to be a truly effective leader.

You’ll benefit from a program that emphasizes:

  • Seminar and workshop-style classes that will deepen your understanding of organizational behavior and leadership theory
  • Collaboration with faculty and fellow students, who bring a range of experiences to the classroom
  • Learning in a Christ-centered environment — where your professors share the Christian worldview
  • Small, adult-focused classes with just 15–20 students
  • Enhancing your skills in areas such critical thinking, strategic planning, anticipating change  and effective writing

Your Faculty

Your professors are accomplished professionals who bring real-world experience to the classroom.

Your Opportunities

Through your master’s program, you’ll develop into a leader who can help develop leadership skills in others. You’ll learn to build strong relationships rooted in mutual trust.
Because PBA is Florida’s top Christian college, your faith will be central to your learning — and to your life.


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