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If you're looking for a graduate school experience that goes beyond classroom learning - one that will actually prepare you for the life you want to live - Palm Beach Atlantic University is for you.

Master of Science in Counseling

Palm Beach Atlantic’s Master of Science in Counseling degree prepares you with professional licensure for a variety of counseling professions. The flexible nature of the Master of Science in Counseling program allows you to work full-time while attending evening classes.

If you have a desire to help people who are hurting, or if people naturally seek your advice, this may be the perfect program for you. Palm Beach Atlantic’s Master of Science in Counseling program offers an opportunity to incorporate Christian principles within a professional counseling practice. You will find rigorous preparation for Florida licensure in a classroom environment that emphasizes the need to rely on the leading of the Holy Spirit in the completion of coursework and dealing with others. Build the biblical and intellectual foundation for understanding the spiritual, cognitive and emotional expressions of human behavior.

Your Program Options

The Master of Science Degree in Counseling at PBA offers a few options:

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Program Flexibility - Earn your degree while you work

The majority of students in the Graduate Counseling program work full-time while attending classes. Courses are offered in the evenings on Mondays through Thursdays (generally from 6 p.m. - 10 p.m.). Most students attend one to two nights per week.

Apply today!

The Graduate Counseling program has a limited enrollment, so the earlier you apply, the better! New students are admitted for the fall (August) and the spring (January) semesters. Apply Online, E-mail us, or call us at (888) 468-6722.

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