West Palm Beach

Organizational Management Online

Earning your bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management ONLINE through the MacArthur School of Leadership will give you a competitive edge in today’s challenging employment arena.

Christian-focused classes emphasize values and ethics in the workplace and in life. Gain the personal growth, knowledge and skills to:

  • To lead and foster change as you manage people and processes
  • To communicate effectively and make solid decisions
  • To manage and resolve conflict
  • To understand the value of a multicultural organization and create a collaborative environment for more effective teams
  • To maximize your leadership potential and increase your communication effectiveness with this valuable bachelor’s degree.
  • To develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to enable you to be more successful in workplace, family, community and multicultural environments

When do I take classes?

  • Complete coursework when it is convenient for you

How long are my classes?

  • You will attend classes during two 8 week terms

Can I complete my entire bachelor's degree online?

  • You can earned your entire bachelor's degree 100% online

How many credits do I need to complete my degree?

  • You must complete 45 credits of general education courses, 44 credits of major courses, and 32 credits of elective courses or Professional Education Credits
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When can I enroll?

  • You can enroll in August, January, and May

The following chart indicates the amount of time and course work you will need to earn your bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management:

Minimum Time

Entering with AA

Attending year round

Two courses/week

All Electives covered through
transfer + PEC
1 year 4 months
(4 semesters)

Moderate Time

Entering with AA

Attending year round

Two courses/week

4 Elective courses covered through
transfer + PEC credit

1 year 8 months
(5 semesters)

Maximum Time

Entering with -0- credits

Attending year round

Two courses/week

No Electives covered through

2 years 10 months
(8.5 semesters)