Remembering Dr. Warren

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It was an honor and a privilege to have known Dr. Warren.  Those early days of PBA were incredible times of amazing growth in which Dr. Warren played a huge role.  Dr. Warren wasn’t just a supporter of PBA; he was part of the heartbeat of PBA.  He will be sorely missed.  My heart is with the entire Warren Family.  With Love From Delia Avalone Scales, Class of 1975

While I was serving as Director of Admissions during the early PBA years, I  often remember seeing Dr. Warren step into my office with potential donors as he was showing them around the campus.  Very often he would stop and comment on a poster that was on my wall, which read - "Some people hear, but fail to listen. Some people look, but fail to see".  That seemed to make a significant impression on him because he so often mentioned it. ,,, Thank God for a dedicated Christian visionary like Dr. Warren who indeed had the ability to "listen" to people and to "see" the future. He will be missed. -- Don Harp

Thank you Dr. Warren for being true to your faith, your family and the vision that became PBAU.  You were a true Christian gentleman, as comfortable and concerned with the students as you were for the business in the boardroom. -- Wendall & Karen Venning Ward (Class of '82 & '83)

A great light and one of PBAs greatest champion has gone home. Sorry to see him go. -- Velmarie Albertini

 Your work had a powerful effect on my life and ministry. God continue to bless you and your legacy. -- The Rev. Michael J. Zumpf, Class of '89

I have had the privilege of knowing Dr. Warren for almost 50 years ... first as a member of the Founders Class, then as a Trustee  of the college and later as Director  of Development. My fondest memories include the early a.m. meetings at his office with Mr. Riley Sims and Dr. George Borders, praying and planning as the campus began to take shape ... the numerous tours of the campus with the many guest of Dr. Warren. He was an energizer and yet seemed to be energized by the challenge and while at the same time sensitive to God's leading at each turn even in the face of what appeared to be major setbacks. Truly a man of faith, vision and tenacity. -- William W. Yarick, M.Ed., Class of '72

Dr. Warren, a gift from God! As teaching pastor of Revival Church of God in Riviera Beach, FL, we honor you, and thank you and Mrs. Warren for the kindness shown to this small inner-city church. May God comfort the Warren family. -- Dr. Terriel Byrd &  Mrs.Toni Byrd

Dr Warren was a hero and inspiration to me in my  leadership  and the cause of Christ. -- Bill Hobbs, Class 2001

I feel honored to have been the first Dean of the Warren Library, representing such an honorable man. Dr. Warren was obviously pleased with the building he helped bring to fruition, one which honored his long service to the university. I am thankful for the small part I was allowed to play in bringing his dream to reality. May he now enjoy rest from his labors and the presence of the Lord. -- J. Ray Doerksen

We would not be who we are or where we are without PBAU.  Dr. Jess Moody and Dr. Warren had a dream and we benefitted from that--tremendously.  We will do our best to carry it forward.  With all our gratitude, -- Joseph and Michele (Rigby) Assad/Classes 1993 and 1995

My name is Robinell Cannon-Marchal, I am not an alumna. However I knew the Warrens well when their girls and my sister and I were growing up. We we over to their home many times to play and I babysat a few times. I received a beautiful letter from Dr. Warren when my Grandmother died way back in the late 1970's and I shall never forget the comfort it gave me. -- Robin

My sincerest sympathies to Dr. Warren’s family and to the entire Palm Beach Atlantic Community.  We all owe Dr. Warren so very much, and I am particularly grateful for Dr. Warren’s contribution in making the impossible dream of Palm Beach Atlantic into reality. -- T. Perry Hildreth (professor at PBA 1995-2006)

Dr. Warren was such a wonderful man and I will miss him. I enjoyed seeing him when I worked in the Development Office during the fundraising campaign for the PBA Warren Library. He was a tireless fundraiser and would inspire you to be better, work harder and give with your heart. It is such a loss for the Warren family, PBA and the entire community. -- Mary G. Lewis

Thank you and your colleagues and everyone you influenced for dreaming the Impossible Dream and then building the foundation to support it. -- Ed Curtis, 1975

My prayers are that The Lord’s ceaseless comfort and peace that surpasses all understanding would be with the Warren Family during this difficult time. The community at large mourns the passing of an exemplary leader. -- Dannemart Pierre, ’07, ‘10

RIP Dr. Donald Warren, Cardiologist and Founding Chairman of @PBAtlantic University. Grateful for his example, leadership and vision. -- Randy Martin, via Twitter

Dr. Don Warren @PBAtlantic founding chairman passed away. What a wonderful example for us of an amazing Kingdom builder & a life well spent! -- Nathan Lane via Twitter